Theresia Tour

The Real Indonesia Tour

 Me and Baduy Tribe Boy

Hello I am Theresia Debby (left), an independent travel guide available to suit your travel needs. English spoken (zero level in Mandarin, Arabic & Italy at the moment) and will interpret for you if need be.

Theresia Tour is short of The Real Indonesia Tour, Indonesia is a tropical and real country, you could see humble & friendly Indonesians persons anywhere, traffic, traditional way of life, primitive places with their own beauty, tolerance in diversity, variety of cultures, religions, tribes and languages with united language Bahasa Indonesia. So much to see and enjoy both scenic and historical! 


Right now, Theresia Tour put some packages of tour, but believe me, it will be more destinations to see! 

So, what are you waiting for let's visit Indonesia!
Theresia Tour, guarantee you a profesional tour and safe.

If you need Private Guide, Tutor of Bahasa Indonesia, Interpreter just contact us!